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Celebrities Who Rocked Biker Bomber Jackets

Celebrities Who Rocked Biker Bomber Jackets

You all must love following your favorite celebrities and their fashion looks. But some celebrity looks leave a mark on your memory with their statement looks, and you never forget them. Many celebrities have rocked Biker Bomber Jackets on-camera as well as off-camera. They have popularized Biker Bomber Jackets with their styling. Here are some all-time favorite and iconic Biker Bomber Jacket looks from celebrities.


Tom Cruise in Top Gun

Tom Cruise has never ceased to amaze his audience with his killer looks and acting skills. His ever-iconic role in the 1986s hit action-packed film Top Gun cannot be forgotten. He played the role of a US naval aviator, flying fighter jets. Tom wore military-style biker bomber jackets throughout the movie and made this look popular among youth. He reprised his role, after 36 years, in Top Gun Maverick which was another hit in his career.


Uma Thurman in Kill Bill

It won't be wrong to say that Uma Thurman is one of those actresses who redefined female roles in action movies. Her classic Kill Bill series was a super-hit action movie where she played the protagonist. Uma showed some great sequences with Samurai Sword. She wore a classic yellow leather ladies’ motorcycle jacket paired with matching trousers to complete her badass role of assassin.


Brad Pitt in Fight Club

If you are a Brad Pitt fan, you cannot forget his 1999s iconic movie Fight Club. He seamlessly rocked the red biker bomber jacket look and made it one of his most admired looks of all-time. The biker bomber jacket complemented his badass persona in the movie. Brad has often been seen adorning a leather bomber jacket look off-camera.


Leonardo DiCaprio in The Departed

All crime movies have one thing in common. No, it is not a murder mystery. It’s a protagonist who wears a bomber jacket. Leonardo DiCaprio’s character, Billy, in The Departed wears black bomber jackets throughout the movie. He also wore biker bomber jackets in the classic 2019 movie, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.


Charlize Theron in Atomic Blonde

Charlize Theron set the bar high for herself with her Atomic Blonde, released in 2017. She played the role of an MI6 field agent. The movie is filled with a lot of action from Charlize. She showed her fighting skills and kicked the asses of her enemies. Charlize's character wears a black long ladies' motorcycle jacket in many scenes. There couldn't have been a better look for her in the movie.


Scarlett Johansson in The Black Widow and The Avengers Series

Marvel Cinematic Universe brought some of our favorite female superheroes to life. Among them, Black Widow is one of the most acclaimed and loved characters, portrayed by the talented Scarlett Johansson. Scarlett is seen riding a heavy bike and wearing a ladies' motorcycle jacket for her role. She reprised her role in eight films including a solo movie Black Widow.  

Biker Bomber Jackets have always been popular among celebrities which is why it is still considered timeless apparel.








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