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The Ultimate Men’s Leather Jacket Guide

The Ultimate Men’s Leather Jacket Guide

 If we have to choose one piece of apparel for men that never goes out of style, then it has to be a Leather Jacket. It instantly gives a man an edgy, masculine, and classier look. Men’s Leather Jackets have been popular for almost a century now with the item becoming more and more versatile in terms of style. But with so many styles, colors, and fabrics to choose from, it isn’t easy to buy the right Leather Jacket for men. There’s a leather jacket for everyone, you just need to understand and choose the right one for yourself. In this article, we will walk you through some of the most in-demand men’s leather jacket styles to help you choose the best option for yourself.



If there could be one men’s leather jacket that can rule them all then it must be the classic Biker Jacket. A biker leather jacket is cropped to the hips and has asymmetrical zippers and studs. It was initially designed to be worn by bikers. Biker leather jackets were created for Harley Davidson bikers in 1982. This leather jacket style has a very youthful appeal to it. Investing in this clothing piece can be a great option if you want something timeless.



You will be surprised to learn the number of menswear that US military uniforms have inspired. The Field Jacket is another military-style jacket but is considered very underrated. This men’s jacket is also known as the M-65. It is slightly longer than other jacket styles, with four front pockets and an adjustable waist belt. It usually has a zippered closure with a hidden button placket. As field jackets are longer than the waist, they provide extra coverage and keep you warm, especially during chilly weather.   


A bomber jacket is another style that was inspired by US armed services. It was first introduced in World War I when the US Army fighter pilots wore them during the war. Since then, the bomber jacket has become a bona fide menswear clothing item. A bomber jacket is short in length (waist-long) outerwear and has a drawn, ribbed waist hem with a matching wristband. This men's leather jacket has a zipper front and multiple functional pockets at the top and sides.


Besides military and sportswear, the most significant influencer on men’s clothing is the automobile industry. From jackets to pants to boots, there is unlimited menswear that has its origin in the automotive world. The men’s racer leather jacket is usually made from heavy horsehide. This men’s leather jacket has a zipper in the middle and multi-pockets on the front. The racer jacket has the slight look of a bomber jacket in it. Due to its versatility, the racer jacket instantly became a mainstream ensemble in men's leather jackets. 


The leather flight jacket was originally created for the pilots, as suggested by its name. This men’s leather jacket also shares similarities with the bomber leather jacket. The flight jacket is another popular piece of apparel in menswear. The key difference between a bomber jacket and a flight jacket is the collar design. The bomber jacket has a rounder, knitted collar whereas the flight jacket features a sheepskin lining, giving a warmer cover to the person.


Buying a quality men’s leather jacket can be a big investment. Choose your favorite style wisely. Do not just keep the fabric in mind but also check the quality of zippers, inner lining, and buttons to make it last longer.

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