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Leather jackets are an accessory symbolizing luxury. If you own one, you definitely did spend a hefty amount to secure it (given you have an original one). Now, once you make such an investment you can’t just be careless around it and probably that’s why you are still reading. Leather jackets are an amazing creation and gives you that fine look but there is a catch. They need to be handled with care or you might ruin them before you have had a chance to show-off. Let’s familiarize you with how you can take care of your leather goods and if it gets dirty how to clean a leather jacket.

Things to Avoid

One thing that you should always remember is that leather is porous meaning it can absorb water/liquid particles and when they get absorbed, a stain is coming. Another mistake that people make is to apply perfumes or hair sprays while they have the jacket on. This will ruin your jacket before you can say hair spray. The alcohol in these products evaporates and leaves a stain behind. If you are not up for that, use these products before wearing the jacket and once everything is dry put that stylish jacket on. Now that you know the basics of things not to do let’s get into what happens if God forbid you get a stain on your accessory

How to Clean a Leather Jacket?

Items Needed

-Soft, clean sponge

- Liquid soap and water

- Leather cleaning wipes (Not mandatory – as per need)

- Leather conditioner

So, the process is fairly simple but it needs to be done with utmost care or you will ruin your jacket more than it already is. The steps go by:

1. First you need to try with the lighter method i.e. try just water and sponge. Use this to blot the stain. Make sure you don’t rub it. Feather out the edges meaning don’t leave harsh marks of water on the jacket. Work your way from the center of the stain to the edges, feathering them out. If you feel a ring forming, re-wet and repeat.

2. If the stain is not budging, now is the time to bring in either the mixture of liquid soap and water. Use 1-part liquid soap with 10 parts water and repeat the cleaning process like in step 1.

3. If this doesn’t solve the issue, you can try the leather cleaning wipes. And if that fails, sorry, it’s time to call the big-guns.

Mistakes to absolutely Avoid

- Don’t even try to clean stains formed by ink, glue, oil, makeup or paint. If you do, then blame yourself for what comes next. Get the jacket to the pros to fix the issue.

- Don’t just blot, feather out the edges. If you don’t do this, the stain will probably go but you will find a water ring on your jacket.

- Never use club soda for cleaning your jacket no matter who suggests it. It makes the stain even worse than before and can destroy your jacket beyond repair

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