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Men leather pants: A short guide

Men leather pants: A short guide

Leather pants are a trendy piece of cloth, be it for men or women. It was once frowned upon to wear a leather pant but no more. It is one of the clothing products that not only costs more than usual but the finish it gives is something extraordinary too.

Today we will get into the origin of leather pants and the main types available for men. Let’s get right into it.


The main way human survived since the earliest of times was by hunting and consuming animals. While the meat was good for food, one of the leftovers was the animal skin. Humans made it to be something that could cover them considering its warmth and protective nature. That is the first-time leather was worn by human.

Then came stitching. Men started wearing stitched goods. Of these one was the leather trousers. They were made to fit the person wearing it. But it was not until 1940 that it was an actual trend to wear leather pants. The rise came from the Hollywood portrayal of Cowboys wearing these pants. And boy did they look good.

People started picking this trend up but it took a good decade for the trend to enter music industry. After which icons like Elvis Presley and James Dean started wearing leather pants. It kind of gave a complete look to their rebellious music. Later, this picked on and musicians from rock n roll and punk adopted the trend. By 1980s it was one of the popular things at least in the music industry.

Types of Pants:

Men usually complain about lack of variety in their clothing items but with leather pants that isn’t the case. There are multiple types of pants one can choose from. This way if you don’t like one specific type you can still own leather goods and be the part of the trend.


This is the type which you can wear to an office or a party and it will still look cool. High-wasted leather pants are form-fitting with less bulging near the waistband. The bulging is mostly the reason why people avoid the leather pants altogether but with the high-wasted ones you are good to go. Since the waist is higher and they fit nicely on the legs, it gives an illusion of a taller man, which is all the more reason to buy this.

Leather Joggers:

Want to look cool while jogging? The answer lies with the leather joggers. Now like normal joggers, this is made of a stretchable product, an elastic leather to be exact. The flexibility is more prominent around the waist and towards the ankle. This is the answer to people looking for a loosely fit leather pants.

Faux Leather:

Now we know there are many people who prefer to wear vegan as well. We respect their choices and thus have a vegan option available for them. The faux leather pants are made from plastic base and treated in a way to make it look and feel like real leather. This is also a popular choice among people who want a leather pant but can’t afford real leather. All the styles that come in real leather are available with faux leather as well.

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