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Tips For Long-Lasting leather Clothes: Proper Cleaning and Storage

Tips For Long-Lasting leather Clothes: Proper Cleaning and Storage

As leather is everyone's favorite and a must-have in every wardrobe. A versatile material available in different styles of leather apparel and leather accessories. Whether you opt for a chic men leather jackets or fitted tailored women's leather pants, it instantly adds a luxurious touch to your wardrobe for many years. Leather is expensive, so it also needs some cleaning and proper storage to stay long for many years. It will remain in new condition and shape with the appropriate care and attention. It is also susceptible to many stains, such as mud and dust, so cleaning is necessary to remove stains. 

This guide will help you care for your leather clothes rightly, preserve their appearance, and extend their life span.


Use Mild Detergent:

When cleaning genuine leather jackets, men or women, it's necessary to use a mild detergent. Do not use harsh detergent or cleaning agents directly on leather clothing that will affect the leather surface or look. Mild detergents are soft and do not contain any powerful ingredients. Always use those mild detergents specially made for cleaning leather garments and prevent their edginess look for a long time.


Do Not Expose To Sunlight:

Whether it's leather jackets for women or man leather pants, it deteriorates on direct exposure to the sun. Leather jackets can suffer from damaging effects such as cracks, color fading, and brittleness over time if they are exposed to sunlight for extended periods. 

Therefore, reducing the amount of sunlight exposure can prolong the life of your jacket. Also, you can use UV protectant spray to protect your leather clothing or leather accessories to avoid the rays of UV coming from the sun. You can store your favorites in a cool, shaded, or dry place that will not cause any damage to your wardrobe. Stay far your leather products from any heat devices that emit heat.

Do Not Wet:

Avoid wetting your garments, as they absorb moisture upon getting wet and deform their shape and texture too. The water molecules bind with oil, and leather appears stained or fainted when water evaporates. The spotty streaks and uneven appearance makes it look dreadful. Leather loses its suppleness and begins to rot if the water takes too long to disappear. If something accidentally falls on your leather jacket or accessory, wipe it off immediately with any dry cloth or microfiber paper towel.


Store Your Leather Products Properly:

This is the primary concern, how do you store your leather products because leather is a sensitive material that needs adequate storage to maintain its appearance. To prevent your leather jacket from losing its shape and becoming misshapen, it's advisable to use a broader hanger that can adequately support it. This will help ensure your jacket maintains its proper form and doesn't sag over time. Secondly, cover your leather jackets or pants with a fabric bag specifically made to protect them from dust. A fabric bag is often the preferred option for storing leather items because it allows the material to breathe. Furthermore, you can also store it in a wooden trunk or container and suitcase.


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