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Biker Jackets: Protection or Fashion? Or Both?

Biker Jackets: Protection or Fashion? Or Both?

One expects to find bikers in possession of biker jackets. Given that these jackets provide security to the biker, it makes sense. But since the very beginning of biker jackets they have been somewhat more than just protection. It has become a fashion statement in itself. Let’s get into why one should definitely get a biker jacket.

Protective Gear:

Bike is one the riskiest modes of transportation. One bad hit and one can go flying away. It is thus essential for a biker to have safety clothing. The protective gear for the biker includes a helmet, leather jacket, trousers and boots. These are the must haves for any biker who has respect for his life.

The biker jackets are designed to protect the chest, arms and back from any sort of major injury. It acts as a cushion between the biker’s body and the ground. A normal biker jacket has a belted waist with multiple pockets. These jackets have padding on the shoulders and elbows. Only the high-quality ones have padding all over. This padding is semi-rigid. The purpose behind this is to ensure that the padding doesn’t move with the driver’s normal movements as that would render the padding useless.

Fashion Statement:

Now it’s not compulsory to have a bike to own a biker jacket. Biker jacket is a fashion statement in itself and can be worn just to look nice. It gives a rugged look to the person wearing it. People often wear it to give themselves a tougher look. Almost every gangster in a movie is given this as a prop to legitimize their gangster look.

But that’s not only why people in fashion industry use it. Biker jackets are leather made which makes them warmer. Since the leather is just a millimeter thick the less weight makes them all the more attractive. The thickness is less since it is a requirement to have a lighter weighing jacket for a biker. Imagine a biker having to balance the bike while wearing some heavy protective jacket. Not making sense, right?

The trend first started in 1970s when biker jackets were a new cool in fashion. There came a time when they saw a little downfall. Suede and other forms started looking good to people. For the lovers of biker jackets, it’s good that they are back into fashion. If you have one saved, now is the time to take it out and flaunt it. You know you want to.


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