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What Should You Wear To Thanksgiving: 10 Chic Fashion Style Looks

What Should You Wear To Thanksgiving: 10 Chic Fashion Style Looks

Thanksgiving is almost coming. We're already fantasizing about turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie, and, of course, the ideal attire. There's a lot to think about when it comes to Thanksgiving outfits. Your attire should be big enough to accommodate a second slice of dessert while still looking stylish enough to post to Instagram.

Thanksgiving, known as a grateful holiday, is all about getting together, spreading love, and enjoying life with a positive mindset and attitude. Now is the time to change your wardrobe and look for some fashionable and exquisite outfits to wear to Thanksgiving dinner with your loved ones. If you want to stand out and look beautiful, whether you're celebrating Thanksgiving with your family or colleagues, you'll need to develop a chic style of fashion.

With our suggestion, dressing for any Christmas celebration will be a breeze this season. This year's best Thanksgiving outfits range from casual to elegant, ensuring that you look your best and most comfortable at the Thanksgiving table. Here, we've gathered a few style ideas to help you put together a standout wardrobe for the holidays.

Pants with Sweater

As long as you create a statement with your top half, the remainder of your outfit can be perfectly casual with your favorite pair of jeans and simple boots. With all of the shoulder-baring and cutaway trends going on this year finding a unique sweater won't be difficult.

Skirt with a Leather Jacket

It's finally the holiday season which means you may mix and match the color wheel's cranberries and wines. Express an opinion with a heavy twill wrap skirt or printed silk in deep ginger or plum. To avoid looking too elegant, layer with a classic black leather jacket and unexpectedly play with fall colors.

Velvet Dress

This year, velvet is having a major moment, so take advantage of all the holiday occasions to wear it. For a more formal dinner use a rich burgundy, emerald, or grey, and avoid crushed velvet.

Metallic Accent

There's nothing quite like gold or silver to say festive. Keep your eyes peeled for elegant silhouettes. Many people shy away from empire dresses, but you'd be amazed at how flattering they can be. On a cold night, try a brocade maxi for a unique twist and greater leg covering. It'll keep you from needing to unzip your dress to breathe after you've devoured that huge helping of Thanksgiving meal.

Try a Poncho Sweater

The poncho sweater is perhaps the most flattering comfortable knit, ideal for a day of dining and lounging with family and friends. Dress it down with a pair of leggings or dress it up with a pair of black pants and pumps, like Jean.

Jewel Tones

Try a rich jewel-toned dress or jumpsuit if you're looking for something new. Wear a deep burgundy or emerald silk dress with your favorite patent leather pointy-toe heels. However, jewel tones have the added benefit of making everyone's skin sparkle. Choose a powerful deep blue if your skin tone is light. A glittering emerald if your skin tone is medium; and a ruby red if your skin tone is dark. A smokey brown with a warm grey undertone is also well-known for looking great on all skin tones.

Heavy Fabrics

We seem to avoid anything that isn't light and breathable throughout most of the year. Try a dress made of wool, velvet, or rich jacquard. Heavier materials can offer stunning silhouettes that you wouldn't usually wear, plus they will keep you warm during the outdoor ceremony.


Wearing your favorite booties to a cold-weather wedding is a good idea. They'll lengthen your legs in the same way as fancy heels do, but without the pain. Just make sure the style is tasteful. If you need to get through a long occasion you may wear a black suede wedge bootie.

Cape Dress

Is it possible to have a cape and a dress in one? Is there anything more ideal for November or December? This style is excellent for keeping you warm while also covering some of the unwanted attention drawn to your bare arms. It also has a classic feel about it, but with a modern touch. 

Oversize Collar Shirt

Large collars and lace fabrics may be smoothly blended into your Thanksgiving day ensemble, thanks to the comeback of retro styles just in time. However, with these stunning lace collar blouses. You may play with details and proportion. For an adorable and classy fall mood, pair with dainty pearl earrings, a cute hair bow, and deeper color wash jeans.



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